About WfCCN

World Federation of Critical Care Nurses – WFCCN

The WFCCN is an international federation comprised of national critical care nursing associations from  50 countries. It was founded in 2000 and its constitution was first approved in October 2001. The most recent revision was published in April 2016. The constitution outlines the purpose, philosophy, and objectives of WFCCN.

The WFCCN council is comprised of one representative from each full member association. The Council meets annually and every two years elects a Board of Directors from its members and associates. Currently, the Board is comprised of seven Directors: President, Vice President, Secretary, Finance, and three Media and Communications directors.

The WFCCN is keen to develop its membership and all interested national critical care nursing associations are invited to join.

All income generated by WFCCN is used to support its activities.

More details of WFCCN is available on http://wfccn.org